The support people at Signal have been fantastic. This is likely due to the limitations of the required bandwidth and graphics processing needed to make the graphics animation smooth on the iTouch screen. But it would catch up. The latter of those two unfortunately do not have any further categorization and simply provide a full list of all videos or all TV programs. Signal is pretty new and, at version 1. I have rebootted, reinstalled, etc and no luck.

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Conversely, this playlist is not used if you select an existing playlist in iTunes. I do not see this feature on the Remote app. Reply I have this question too I have this question too Me too Me too.

So this is causing a problem too.

The easiest solution for me is to make my IP address static so that Signal is always up to date. Reply Helpful Thread reply – more options Link to this Post.

Oct 7, User profile for user: Neither of the remote control apps provide wlloysoft Cover Flow feature allows browsing of the CD cover art. The funny thing is, for me, the timing of my upgrade to the iPod touch 2. The support people at Signal have been fantastic. I had purchased it a week ago but just got around to installing it since I had to backup the music files.

Signal by Alloysoft, – Should I Remove It?

It would take a very long time to scan through a full library containing thousands of songs. From here, I can navigate to my music much the same way siignal an iPod. Also nifty is that, while music is playing, I can keep browsing and add even more songs to the active playlist, queueing them up just like a jukebox.

Is there anyone using Alloysoft’s Signal that has had this problem and fixed it? Signal is pretty new and, at version 1. This may be a great deal of wishful thinking, however. Skip to Content Skip to Table of Contents. This is especially unfortunate if you have saved a lot of episodes from several podcasts or several television shows.

My comparison Apple Remote / Alloysoft Signal + new iTouch(G2) announced 9/9/08

When using the iPod in the traditional portable player mode, you can create an “On-The-Go” Playlist from your music – that would be nice feature for the Remote app. And if there is one event that occurred since I have last used alloysift that would be registering it and getting the license.

But there is something else that is a bit of an issue. I have rebootted, reinstalled, etc and no luck.

Software Review

For some reason my PC loses access to my network from time to time and each time my router gives it a new IP address. Simply launch Signal on your computer, and it basically operates as a standalone Web server. Fortunately, however, the familiar breakdown of Genres, Artists, Albums, audio Podcasts, Playlists, and individual Tracks are offered in the Music portion of the Signal Web interface. But all of a sudden it stopped working.

However, Signal needs to update that IP address in its registry but only does this at boot time so if the PC received the IP without rebooting then you will need to reboot so that Signal updates it.

Signal – The Ultimate Remote Control for Your PC’s Media Player

Since it worked via a browser interface there was the added burden of the browser navigation. Signnal the Remote app is free, but early Gen 1 iTouches need firmware 2.

A version compatible with Pocket PC devices is also available. While I won’t review the Gen2 iTouch, the new features all make sense. It would be nice if there were a way to access a player widget to scan forward and backward within the currently playing track.

My problem was a software firewall that had asked me whether to allow access or not and I had not said yes yet. To reveal adjustment controls for changing the volume, assigning a rating, and toggling repeat and shuffle options, just tap the album art from the allkysoft playback screen. An e-zine about the personal computing experience.