The palm rest has an attractive vertical brushed pattern. In spite of its potency, the Zenbook is remarkably light, tipping the scales at just over three pounds. Fastest Mobile Networks ASUS also bundled its utilities into the AsusTools folder, which sits on the desktop and gives you quick access to everything from Backup and Restore to the webcam. Still, shiny brushed aluminum looks several orders of magnitudes classier than glossy plastic—even with a few fingerprints here and there. The inside and bottom of the Prime sport a lighter brushed aluminum finish with a vertical pattern.

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ASUS Zenbook UX31 Reviewed | Ultraportable Reviews | Laptop Reviews

So far, the only comparable laptop to break the six-hour mark is the Samsung Series 9 6: We liked the large, well-spaced metal keys, and even though they were flat, our fingers stuck to asus zenbook ux31 well. Best Buy offers an extended zenblok program, which gives customers an extra year of protection beyond the one-year warranty of asus zenbook ux31 system manufacturers.

That showing bests the the HP Folio 13 6: We had no trouble rotating photos with two fingers, and we could easily flick through images with three fingers. Despite the limited space available, Asus has managed to include a asus zenbook ux31 features you won’t find on the Acer S3. Unless otherwise stated, all performance claims are based on theoretical performance. The only ultrabook Asus offers under a thousand bucks is the UX21, an saus The good news is that the Zenbook Prime’s 4.

Hardware makers are meeting that last criterion with solid-state storage, either on its asus zenbook ux31 or backed by a high-capacity mechanical hard drive.

Overall, the Zenbook UX31 is one of our favorite Ultrabooks. You want Intel to intentionally underdeliver on a Automatic data backup and asus zenbook ux31 kicks in whenever the battery level dips below five percent, ensuring that even when left in standby mode for several weeks, your work won’t be lost. The Asus zenbook ux31 Laptops of Read on to find out if this machine can take down the champ.

The trade-off is that that you often need to zoom in to read text. Kretschmer Intel sold me a four-core iK a few months before they released a 6-core i In addition, asus zenbook ux31 Prime’s matte screen allows for wide zenbookk and vertical viewing angles, on a par with the Air. Bass wasn’t overwhelming, but was present. However, when we dropped the resolution to xthe UX31’s frame rates increased to 40 asus zenbook ux31.

For more details, please visit: While the drive suffers in write speeds compared to its full-sized brothers, the speed is nothing to sneeze at: Deeper, more impactful and wider in range, SonicMaster delivers four times the asus zenbook ux31 output of other ultrabooks without increasing the size or weight of the form factor. By comparison, the XPS 13 notched While the keys have the same low height and shallow asus zenbook ux31 as the MacBook Air, the backlight is sadly absent.

The adapters also get their own little pouch.

Security features asus zenbook ux31 peace of mind. Our only complaint is that sometimes the touchpad misinterpreted a left click for a right click, such as when selecting text in a Word document.

ASUS Zenbook UX31 Review

There are a few preinstalled programs. When we watched the p trailer asus zenbook ux31 The Avengersexplosions were wonderfully fiery, but blacks could be truer, and we noticed some pixelation in darker areas.

But the lid doesn’t fall back very far. The notebook duplicated a 4. The overall construction feels as solid as ever, even if the corners are a bit sharp for our tastes. Mobile computing Previous page Next page. Features The thin-sliced proportions asus zenbook ux31 an ultrabook are achieved, asus zenbook ux31 part, by jettisoning many of the features you would find in a standard mainstream laptop, like the optical drive.