Below is the one I have. It appears to me that although LF transducer technology has made some definite improvements in the past decades, HF driver design constraints have limited improvements to voice coil and diaphragm survivability and lighter weight. The narrow horn results in an on axis sensitivity around 6 dB more than most typical 90 degree horns, the 2 meter results would be similar to one meter results on some horns. Hello Art, Wow, what a lot of work you put into this. Art Welter Senior May 18, High Frequency Compression Driver Evaluation I don’t know about secrets but I thought DG had a strategy to cancel or somehow mitigate “throat” distortion in horns, this is only one type of loudspeaker distortion, thus the desire for linear drivers so the throat distortion will be predictable. I don’t mean to beat up on the

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I’d also be very interested to follow a thread on masking in relation to drivers. I wanted to address the size of the drivers, in relation to V oice C oil size. Are you sure 12 db is enough pad?

LEAN AUDIO No.1 for PA Loudspeakers, Guitar Speakers, Bass Guitar Speakers & HI FI speakers

For years I had wanted to hear BMS drivers, which use polyester diaphragms, a material primarily associated with awful clothing from the s. Rather than select drivers by how good they sound, he selects drivers by how linear they are, since everything else can be fixed in DSP.

Granted it has much improved over the original mp3 format. The larger diaphragm drivers have less odd order harmonic distortion at high volume. This is hardly evident with the low track and HF horn mixed together, but obvious when the HF horn recording is listened to alone as it is in these recordings.

Care was taken to insure a smooth transition between driver, adapter and horns, requiring a fair amount of drilling, filing and cursing those that made poorly aligned adapters and drivers that have unique bolt patterns. Yes, my password is: Want to make that abundantly clear at the top for compresison those that don’t know, or missed that part of your first post. HF air losses are in addition to the inverse distance 6 dB per doubling of distance.

High Frequency Compression Driver Evaluation | Sound Forums

Lot of thought here, and more so as the thread expands. Time for some upgrades in server hardware and software to enhance security and take AK to the next level. I suggest downloading “DRPAHiOutOnly” the high output of the crossover used for testing the HF driversfirst as a comparison to hear what the high end of the song sounds like before being recorded from the output of the HF drivers.

Do you think the SEOS waveguide would be an upgrade over it?

BMS 1″ High Frequency Compression Driver

The dual sine wave tests made hearing the differences between the drivers easiest, simply stated, the EV DH1A bma more output available with less audible distortion than the other drivers. And the follow up conversations.

One question, and this is directed more to Bennett. I recall first coming to this realization years ago when making some DSP presets for some DIY biamped cabs and discovering that the HF driver with the lowest distortion level didn’t actually end up being the driver I liked best in the cab once it was put into the context of a full range cab.

Examples of air non-linearity introduced by the mixing of two ultrasonic tones at dB SPL are available in posts of: Rob Timmerman Graduate May 18, Having owned many of these drivers, have found unit to unit consistency to be quite poor, the driver tested was the best of four units I still own. So to me, this is the main difference between the drivers, and why the does not go as low as the This HF compression driver comprdssion was undertaken for three basic reasons: Jan 11, 0 Art Welter Senior May 9, compreesion For such a seemingly simple PA public address driver, it handled music surprisingly well.

I hope this came out right. Drivers with more efficient, extended HF output would require less compensating boost. Everywhere Threads This compressin This thread. What are benefits of adding HF driver 7khz up?

An extensive discussion could be had about our hearing as it relates to distortion and the “masking” that LF signals can bbms on its perception. I believe he was able to correct for horn reflections, not distortion products. Nowadays I use lossless AAC when encoding my own stuff. The distortion levels above do not include the minimal contributions of upper harmonics past the second, and are rounded to the nearest whole number above the actual 2ndHD.

John Chiara Senior May 18,