After you hit Enter a lot of text will appear on your TouchPad. The ‘touchscreen doesn’t respond after sleep’ issue is fixed. The install directions are actually inside that install image link, but for your convenience it’s basically this. But as far as I know, overclocking the processor may cause damage to the device! Keep up the good work. It’s worth a try updating to the latest version. Monsters without a hitch?

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Jan 3, Posts: Mine just shipped, so I will be joining you nerds in the fun soon. Worked like a charm! Anyone else having problems? Might as winddows install the alpha since I’m starting from scratch anyway.

Nice advice for touchpad users! Yeah, I’ve got 0 reason to boot into WebOS right now. I think houchpad browsing and goofing around HP Web OS is fine, but if you have a TouchPad and you are already invested in Google Apps and the Android Marketplace, you should be keeping an eye on this project.

I did this yesterday, thanks for the write up. I created an app password and I used it when I first signed in. Jan 28, Posts: Thread Deleted Email Thread Page 1 of 2 1 2. Thu Oct 20, 7: Apr 26, Posts: Wow Thank you so much guys! Jan 16, Posts: I’m going to track it down and see if they work later tonight.

[Q] Fresh CM9 install. Win 7 PC won’t connect to Touchpad.

It actually makes me feel somehow “dirty. As far as speed, it’s damned slick even with an unoptimized GPU. Wednesday, June 20, 5: This is so cool!

Cause the ads are Flash and the iPad doesn’t do it? And back up your data. By mac35Member on 19th January I also can’t get wiindows Google Apps Gmail, etc to synchronize as I’m using 2 factor auth and there’s some subtle bug. I use CM9 on my phone, in it’s alpha state also.

I got them over there: From the mooboot 0. Wednesday, January 09, 4: Guest Quick Reply no urls or BBcode. I have toichpad odes how to get in.

[Q] Fresh CM9 install. Win 7 PC won’t connec… | HP TouchPad

Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Nov 16, Posts: I hate the Gmail app.

FPU and SD write seems to be the major weak point.