Refer to the table below:. There are 88 symbol sets in the PCL emulation to support all the languages that use these characters. All models come with one sheet drawer and a sheet multipurpose tray standard. PostScript emulation supports only downloadable scalable fonts. Additional information is provided for a select group of user interventions via a “Tell me more” selection.

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The Parallel printer cable features are recommended when infoprinh the printer to a Parallel port. The user manually removes color cartridges and photo conductor units, and sets the printer to black-only mode. Actual performance depends on:. Reported values may vary from printer to printer. It is the customer’s responsibility to order and maintain an adequate inventory of toner cartridges and maintenance supplies.

The following iinfoprint highlight the approvals and certifications that printer is expected to receive. Replacement is recommended by the customer everypages for the fuser andpages for the transfer belt. Discounts may be available based on your log-in. The printer’s resident fonts include support for languages that use the following character sets:.

A manual calibration can be initiated by selecting “Color Adjust” from the Quality Menu or 6. A sheet top output bin is standard.

With optional wireless connectivity, you infoprit easily adapt to existing infrastructures and place printers at the point of need without waiting for IT to reconfigure or install new cables. This external print server has two parallel ports and one serial port to connect up to three printers to a Token-Ring network.

InfoPrint , , Express

With improved error codes and better data reporting, the printer is available more often when you need it. HomePrime is the legacy “Ready” state. The Infoprint Color maximum print speeds are shown in the following table. The other two bits are used to adjust dot shape. The Coverage Estimator windows only is designed to give the user an approximation ifnoprint percent coverage per color when printing a composite color document.

Together, these utilities drastically reduce the time required to install printer software in a distributed environment. Typical indoor ranges are meters and outdoor ranges are meters. Data encryption helps protect documents that are stored on the optional hard disk.

IBM Infoprint Color 1534 (4926)

It is a color correction option that allows the user to increase or decrease the amount of toner going to the page individually for the cyan, magenta, yellow and black color planes. To assist users in selecting the colors to be printed, they can print color samples pages for each of the RGB and CMYK color conversion tables used in the printer.

This additional drawer fits under the standard drawer and increases the printer’s input capacity by sheets. Refer to the Technical Reference manual or use the printer operator panel to find the symbol sets each font supports.

IBM does not recommend printing to the monthly maximum on a consistent basis. If an Ethernet card in installed, it will disable the onboard Ethernet. Labels should be selected using guidelines found in the User’s Reference, Complete Printer Reference, or the Cardstock and Label, and tested for acceptability.

Text will print at Toner Darkness “4”, while images and graphics print at Toner Darkness “1”.

The accuracy of the estimates may be affected by the fullness of the print cartridges, environmental conditions, 154 type, application, application settings, driver, driver settings, and the content of the page.

We hold a huge inventory and are in a position to present a fair market price. This 2-meter USB cable allows the user to connect one laser printer to one host machine or external print server.

IBM black toner cartridge 39V for IBM Infoprint printers

It offers superior color images and business graphics with “Color Quality” capability. Many businesses discover that the purchase of personal inkjet printers and supplies for those printers is generally not visible in the budgeting process.

The Coverage Estimator utilizes an algorithm that counts pixels for each toner color: The printed percentages are not included in the estimate.