I don’t know what they were thinking at nvidia. Not one with same analogue solution as others, but a Sound Storm based one? Who needs a firewall built into a NIC? After you check your cabling, check the speakers again using NVMixer. Well, how hard is it to produce a MB with the SoundStorm chip as an option?

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So what do you look for? Hey, they could even reach for Intel P4 based enthusiasts out there.

Readers pound on Nvidia’s Sound Storm door

You can get those devices cheaply and use the PCI slots as was intended. I was disappointed when I found out the Nforce3 chipset didn’t have sound storm I bought nivdia chipset motherboard for my AMD now I am planning to get another amd64 system that is but I was planning on waiting for Nforce4 because I heard that sound storm was going to be put back in but now hearing that you guys are not going to put it back in I won’t bother waiting any longer I will just nvidi up either via or ATI which ever offer better goodies.

Now what makes the NForce 4 so special if it’s not there. I don’t really care about DDRII right now, and pci x is too new to be able to tell what will happen with it. Yes, my password is: What do you mean by mini hi-fi?

DD encoding means I can multichannel game on a pure soundsstorm hookup. This is as well of no use to any office user. Page 1 of 2. Otherwise no built in sound. I don’t care how I can get it, and I don’t care what it cost. Correct and especially many Nforce2 Soundstorm solutions suffer from badly implemented analog side. One digital cable from computer to receiver, no switching, no hassle.

This is a rip off to the general consumer, and I would have hoped that tech sites would have picked up on it and made it a problem it is. But what really nviidia to be considered when exploring a solution? Ideally in the chipset itself, xoundstorm I’d settle for a PCI card if need be, since it looks like I’m going to need to buy a soundcard now anyway: Download now to learn more. Samsung launches developer tools to try and make Bixby think less-not-so-good And about 30 people cheer Software 08 November Soundstorm is unique, the others aren’t.


If this is the new kind of philosophy being taken up by such an advance Hi-Tech company, well I am saying “g’day” to them and sticking with ATI and VIA or anything else. I’ve got to say that I was pretty disgusted when I heard that Soundstorm 2 wouldn’t be released with Nforce4.

The Sensaura middleware was also used by the Windows drivers of nearly every sound card and audio codec other than those by Creative. There is no other sound card in the world that able to send DirectSound3D signal as Dolby Digital encoded stream to external receiver but SoundStorm.

It hardly makes up for the lack of SoundStorm. I’m really disappointed to see the SoundStorm go, it was the one thing that could compete with Creative in terms of processor usage and sound quality.

SoundStorm – Wikipedia

Post 4 of Current Nforce doesn’t do this properly BTW. If they are truely worried about the price associated with having dolby technology, then give nvjdia the choice. SoundStorm is also the only consumer level sound system that includes a Dolby Digital encoder. It really disappoints me that the nForce 3 chipsets didn’t have Sound Storm in the first place.

Sound storm was the breaking point for all other chipset but no sound storm no Nforce. I can save cash and get a via board with a nice soundblaster. A fully programmable, Motorola -based digital signal processor DSP is provided for effects soundstogm but with very limited support under DirectX on the PC.