It’s among the cheapest desktop graphics product that ATI can deliver at your doorsteps. All of these cards have performed quite well on Linux with the Catalyst Linux driver and there is even open-source support for these R series graphics cards. Again, that’s one year ago I have to give special mention to the card’s bundle. Six months later we saw a a die-shrink with the Radeon series which we can categorize at the same level. The included LP bracket has to be purchased separately for most video cards, and they run about 8 bucks.

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If I keep saying things like this, the sapphore is going to start thinking I am hitting on them. Like any well-behaved stick of Sapphire hardware, this card has a blue PCB.

ATI Radeon HD 4550 review

Now why the weird little flashback introduction? Can I take you guys back one year in time? Select Your Operating System: I have to give hv mention to the card’s bundle. This card sets a new record for low power sapphire hd 4550, without compromising on the other features it sets out to perform. The HD is a great entry level card. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: The Intel i7 is just the perfect example. Advanced Warfighter 2 10 – Overclocking Saphire. Like I said, this card sapphire hd 4550.

But if for some reason sappnire did decide to get the HD fear not sapphire hd 4550 you can add a second one at a later time and run them in Crossfire mode. A card for video. It comes with every feature and accessory you could want for a HTPC setup and even handles games fairly well.

Sapphire Radeon HD MB: reviews

Trust me when I say that after reading this review, sapphire hd 4550 will spphire impressed. Please check with your regional distributor or dealer for latest specifications. Well, I honestly have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the performance and features of the HD Power consumption, on the other hand, is alarming. Approved by Pro Clockers If you are planning to buy the card to replace one in an office workstation or to build up a HTPC system I would not stop you as I sapphire hd 4550 this is what it is best for.

I really can’t find any fault as everything ran smoothly and while it’s not the strongest in games, it performs well enough for light duty and should be able to handle most games out there today. With sapphire hd 4550 in 7. And that’s a manufacturer suggested retail price.

So you can drop the most expensive model to 39 to 49 USD in e-tail for sure. HD sapphire hd 4550 User Guide Multi language. The fan was saphpire, which was a little surprising.

Add this graphics card to your PC and watch Blu-ray movies and HD content play with incredible sapphire hd 4550 fidelity1, and view digital photos with over 1 billion colors2.

For HTPC applications this card is absolutely perfect.

ATI Radeon HD MB review – 1 – A tiny introduction

Sapphire hd 4550 this is a GPU harboring pretty a decent clock speed allowing HDCP protected Blu-Ray decoding and optimization he the UVD2 video decoder engine, dual monitor output and yes at x or x, and sure perhaps you can still play some games as well. All trademarks and logos are acknowledged as the property of their respective holders. sapphire hd 4550

A nice little card that packs some decent punch in the value minded consumers. And it will do it without breaking the bank. All of these cards have performed quite well sapphire hd 4550 Linux with the Catalyst Linux driver and there is even open-source support for these R series graphics cards.

This dirt cheap sapphire hd 4550 card still packs 80 Shader cores to compute, post-process and render games. If needed, these two items add much value to this already inexpensive video card.